COVID-19 Safety

Our office is taking measures to provide the best possible safety for all patients and practitioners. Our safety measures include:

  • Pre-screening patients before entering clinic (patient brings filled out COVID Informed Consent Form to each visit or fills outside when arrive, we will meet you on the porch, scan your body temperature, sanitize hands, and offer a place to take off shoes outside)
  • 30 minutes will be set between patients’ appointments for cleaning, sanitizing, and ensuring social distance between patients (wipe down door knobs, seats, tables, work stations, bathroom surfaces, sales kiosk, open windows for fresh air or HEPA filter each room)
  • Face masks (we will always wear a mask and will have a clean cloth mask available and recommend it for all patients, if you wish please arrive with your own)
  • Frequent hand washing (practitioners will thoroughly wash hands before, during and after each patient contact)